Chères Toutes et chers Tous,

Alors que l'été semble arriver enfin, je vous souhaite de prendre et de passer d'excellentes vacances. Le Stanford Business Club n'aura pas d'activité propre en aout, notamment pas de Wine by One le 2 aout. Rendez-vous au mois de septembre, pour le Wine by One du 6 septembre et d'autres évènements que nous vous dévoilerons prochainement.

Mais en attendant, vous avez la possibilité de représenter le SBC au tournoi de Golf organisé par nos amis espagnols le 20 aout prochain à Biarritz. Inscriptions directement auprès de Marcelino Elosua, comme indiqué ci-dessous.


The Scramble Biarritz Cup is a golf tournament aimed at developing closer friendships among Stanford alumni and Biarritz golfers. It was held for the first time on 2012 and is celebrated each year on the first Saturday after August 17th.

It is played under the Biarritz Scramble Two-Person rules (please read Rules and Strategy) because we want to attract everyone and not run the risk of losing our good mood with strokes of bad luck. The main feature of Biarritz Scramble is that for every hole the pair must choose at least one stroke of each partner.

To access the photos and the results' table of all the championships, please use the password that will be sent to you with your payment confirmation on the tab iAcceso, since we are treating this information as confidential.

For more information you can access our new site or directly at

Good luck to all and have a great time!


Pour le Bureau du Stanford Business Club

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